“Budownictwo i Architektura”


The scientific article should be prepared in accordance with the criteria in the Annex (form). Articles may be prepared in Polish, English or both languages. Each work in Polish must contain at least the title and abstract in English.

Articles should be sent electronically to wb.bia@pollub.pl.

A scientific article should be regard as an article presenting the results of original empirical, theoretical, technical or analytical studies containing the title of the publication, the names and names of the authors together with their affiliation, presenting the current state of knowledge, research methodology, research process, results and conclusions of quoted literature (bibliography). Scientific articles also include monographic, polemic or review papers published in scientific journals, as well as legal voices or comments

Each work is reviewed by two independent reviewers outside the author unit. The journal practices so-called double-blind review process – the author(authors) of the publication and the reviewers do not know their identity. After the review process, author receives an information about acceptation or rejection. In case of any comments or reservations in the manuscript, authors are obliged to make corrections according to the reviewer’s suggestions.

After a positive review, the authors are required to sign a declaration of transfer of copyright (declaration forms). This is a necessary procedure for the article’s publishing process.

According to the standards set for the scientific journals by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the editors ask the authors to disclose information about the contributors to the publication (substantive, substantive, financial, etc.). Editors are committed to fight against unethical behaviour such as “ghostwritting”. In ethical matters, the journal follows the principles of the COPE publishing ethics and applies the procedures included in the diagrams.

For authors using software supporting writing process (such as Zotero, Mendeley, or Papers), the citation and bibliography style is prepared.