Research of the collapsibility of the European loess – review

Author: Agnieszka Lal

Pages: 005-010
Published online: 28-05-2019

Światło i kolor jako kluczowy element ‘odczuwania architektury’

The concept of light and color as a key element of experiencing ‘feeling architecture’

Author: Agnieszka Chęć-Małyszek

Pages: 011-021
Published online: 28-05-2019

Podwyższanie efektywności energetycznej budynków mieszkalnych: studium przypadku osiedla na Górnym Śląsku

Increasing the energy efficiency of dwelling houses: case study of residential quarter in Upper Silesia, Poland

Author: Anna Ostańska

Pages: 023-032
Published online: 06-06-2019

Stigmergic behaviour and nodal places in residential areas: Case of post-socialist city Kharkiv in Ukraine

Author: Oksana Chabanyuk, Miguel Fonseca

Pages: 033-047
Published online: 06-06-2019

Economical aspects concerning quality control of concrete

Author: Izabela Skrzypczak, Marta Słowik

Pages: 049-056
Published online: 06-06-2019

Pure torsion problem in tensor notation

Author: Sławomir Karaś

Pages: 057-069
Published online: 31-08-2020

Physical modeling of a fire with the use of the Froude number

Modelowanie fizykalne pożaru z wykorzystaniem liczby Froude’a

Author: Mateusz Zimny

Pages: 071-080
Published online: 31-08-2020

An analysis of the resistance of an extended end-plate beam-to-beam connection subjected to tension in fire conditions

Author: Alina Słowikowska, Łukasz Polus

Pages: 081-088
Published online: 31-08-2020

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